Merriam-Webster definition of coach:

I’m not a horse-drawn carriage and don’t instruct or train for birthing or sports teams. So what is a coach? In the 1990’s MIT developed the contemporary discipline of coaching as “… an ongoing approach to managing people.” While focused on managing employees, I believe these four coaching directions apply to coaching leaders and non-profit board executives. These are:

1. Providing Direction
2. Improving Performance
3. Opening Up Possibilities
4. Resources for Removing Obstacles

Much like an outsider can have a helpful perspective for an organization, a coach can have that same outsider perspective for an individual leader. One from the outside can see the whole system in ways one on the inside often cannot. Everyone is a Genius: late Middle English, from Latin, “attendant spirit present from one’s birth, innate ability or inclination.”

My coaching style is to listen, reflect, and ask probing questions to elicit ideas – not from me but from you! You have all you need to effectively lead, you just need a catalyst to spark the great ideas that are already there!

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